Cannot think that this could be truth,
I'm resting in your arms,
I'm sure that this can't be real.

It can be confusing,
but if you think it in the right way,
there's only one path to go on,
and that path is next to and with you.

Like it or not,
I want you,
I need you with me,
I feel lost without you,
cannot be away for long,
'cause you make my heart beat so strong.

Your laugh makes me go on red,
and see into your eyes,
is the best thing that could happen,
because I find my way there,
It feels so comfortable to stay,
but so nervous to go out and escape away of fear.

These are my emotions,
These are my feelings,
if you like them or not,
does not make any difference,
because I'll love you .

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